Monday, January 25, 2016

hocus focus

Well its official I had to enter my age into the elliptical at the gym this morning and it hit me that I have exactly 364 days left in my 30s. This year I'm gonna focus on being focused and my tunnel vision is gonna narrow in on my one goal...don't turn 40 fat. Last year I had a child, got married, got a new job, had a birthday for a one-year-old and I washed my car. My only goal this year is to get back into the jeans that once fell off of me. I just want to button them, oh and look smoking hot in a bathing suit. If I can accomplish that one thing I will feel complete. Actually I should probably also change my name at some point. I've been married for 6 months and I am still a Baswell. This is a huge undertaking that is intimidating the crap out of me. Going to the DMV, the Social Security Office, calling the bank, the gym, my HR office, changing my Facebook, my email, my credit card, my car, all my bills, and any other sucker who knows my name is gonna suck!

 I am not sure if its my age but my ADD is getting really bad, really really bad. I seriously almost left the bathroom today mid-stream because my brain literally was ready to change tasks. It was at that moment I realized I needed help. If there is anything in this world I need to focus on long enough to complete without starting a new project, its any bathroom transaction. I literally just sent Jesse to get a book out of his room and he came out empty handed like he forgot what he was doing, oh crap, its contagious. I reminded him he was supposed to get a book, he went back in there and came out with a huge truck in his arms. The struggle is real.

Toddler problems are real, Jesse threw a fit the other day because he realized that the TV screen is not a touch screen and he can't just pick a cartoon with his finger tip. I used to through a fit when the aluminum fell off the rabbit ears. These times, they are a changin.

Ok I must go to bed and dream about Adderol, maybe then I will wake up ready to complete thought in a timely manner.

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