Wednesday, March 13, 2013

hacky wacky

OMG! I just got hacked. I am sitting at my computer, minding my own biz and all of a sudden there is a video of me on my screen! It’s a live video of me sitting in front of my computer!!! My whole computer froze with big red letters across the screen that said my computer has been blocked by the United Stated of America. Wow, don't I feel special. It said I have been watching too much kid porn, geez I can’t get away with anything! Ha. So I am watching myself, I am happy I have a little make-up on and clothes of course, so I bust a couple of Vogue moves just to see what would I would look like if I had my own music video. That was freaky!  It said if I want my computer unlocked I will have to pay $300. $300? Oh ok sure, let me grab my credit card, I think there is 30 cents on it they can have. It said if I try and unlock it myself everything will be deleted. Whatever, stop taking my video you freaks. I took a bunch of pics of me sitting there and texted them to Sarah and Brandy for advice. They didn’t know what to do so I just rolled the dice and turned off my computer. Obviously everything is working since I am typing right now but what in the world just happened? If they can do that when else can then do? Watch me sleep? Walk on my ceiling? Oh wait I already have that going on. So ok that was fun, hoped they liked the shot of me flipping them off before I pressed the power button. Shewy, I gotta go lay down.


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