Tuesday, March 12, 2013

kid, goat, same thing

This weekend was a hoot. It started off at Brandy's for a girl talk session. She doesn't really read my blog on the reg (she likes to catch up all at once) so stupid me didn't have to tell her that I put her and her new love interest on blast. But I let it slip and she was not at all prepared, so don't make a big deal about it if you talk to her. I did however, talk the lad for 45 minutes as a pre-meet and greet over the phone. He wanted to run a couple of things by me and apparently its very important to get my stamp of approval so he wants to impress me, probably more that he wanted to impress Brandy. I think that is quite awesome. We are all going out to dinner on Saturday, me Brandy, Kevin and Will. I am pretty pumped, so far I like him.

Saturday, Will and I met at his family’s asphalt plant which is off of Wright Way Rd about 30 minutes from his house. Okay so they have a road named after them? I had no idea I was dealing with country royalty. We went to an Agribition, cattle Show and Sell aka cow auction. We pulled in in his big diesel hauling a cattle trailer, we fit wright in. It was my first time listening to people talk faster than the speed of sound yelling into microphones as they auctioned off very expensive livestock. I got to meet some of his friends and the guy we spent the most time with said to Will, “I like you better with her around." Ha I like that round about compliment. Will bought me a T-shirt that says "Farm Living is the Life for Me" I am thinking that that shirt could double as an engagement ring. Ha.

Later we head over to this guy’s house to buy some gates for the farm and I got to hang out with a bunch of goats, I love the goats! I have never actually hung out with goats. They were so friendly and looked up at me with big doe eyes as I petted them. I now know where the term “goatee” comes from, they had actual beards! I got to hold a baby goat and I fell in love with her. I am now dropping not so subtle hints that I must have a goat. I need a goat. I can just picture myself walking it with a leash and taking it to the park in my Camry to play fetch and feed it tin cans. It’s gonna be awesome. Amber wants me to name my kid Amber, I think it’s because it’s the only kid on the horizon and she may not get another shot at a namesake.

Then on Sunday I came home watched a horrible movie and went out to dinner with Kelly. Good weekend.


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