Thursday, March 14, 2013

productive traffic

I had the best time sitting in traffic today figuring out how to download ringtones. I figured out why I was completely annoyed when people called me and it was because all of my generic ring tones are so annoying. The one that is called “serene tone” was probably created by the person who works for Mattel and has to be in the room where they test the Jack in the Box toy as it plays Pop Goes the Weasel all day long. To him this sound may be serene, but to me it sounds like a bag of cats hanging above my bed when I am trying to sleep. So now I am assigning everyone their own personal ringtone that fits their personality, it’s all very exciting.

I did have a good day though and I got picked out of everyone to go to a golf tourney that the company is sponsoring, well we are sponsoring a hole. Me and the marketing dude get to go play for the day and represent, I am so excited to unchain myself from the desk and be with the upright people for a day!

Good day but nothing much to report, yet. I make it a habit not talk about the people I work with, one day when I retire way in the future, I will dedicate an entire book to the daily office antics and it will be titled....Seriously?


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