Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Incomplete combustion produces smoke and soot

OMG! Finally! I have been unable to freakin sign in and write a new post since I changed the stupid layout. I finally had to Google myself and find the sign in page that way, whatever I don't know.

Anyhoo, now I gotta remember everything I was going to say. I have been wearing Will's mom's clothes for the past couple of days. She gave me a bunch of her old clothes, wait, now that I just said that out loud, I may need to consult the advisors. Surly there is not that big of a gap in a few decades of fashion? I mean they are almost new, surely crocheted turtle necks and patterned shirt jackets are for all ages…right?

This week has been crazy, I have been trying to squeeze in certification tests in water, fire, and carpet and it’s a lot of information! I am becoming more and more important in my job so I need to be schooled.  It’s about time I stop faking it until I make it and actually know the meaning behind the words I hear and use on a daily basis. If anyone has any questions about the size of smoke particles or the device used to vaporize solvent-based deodorizers, just ask.

I finally feel better, but not 100% still waiting on the fish meds to fully get this crap out of my ears but I have another couple of days to get the full results.

Had a great weekend at the farm. After Will cut off twenty pairs of calf testicles, we went out on the town. Oh and don’t think those balls are gonna go to waste either.  He gave a bowl full of fresh cow nuts to his friend to fry up for him and his wife. They call them Mountain Oysters, not sure if they are an aphrodisiac or not but I do know you dip em in ketchup.

Will treated me to two handfuls of fake nails while he got a pedicure. Fayetteville houses the rudest nail guy in all the land but he was kinda comical. The Soup Nazi on Seinfeld has nothing on this guy. He was all business and did not mind yelling at me a couple of times. After that we are heading to dinner, he asked if I wanted steak or Mexican. “Steak!” I yelled with certainty. I then thanked him for buying my nails, he said, “no problem, you can buy supper.” UM…Mexican! I meant Mexican, no steak I want Mexican, Taco Bell sounds awesome!

I took him to Atlanta a couple weeks ago and got some more approvals from the Decatur crew. I took him to the Highlands for a steak and then to Decatur to throw him to the wolves. There was like ten of us and he did very well. I am not sure he knew that I was going to arm wrestle everyone at the table, but he made conversation with the guys and played pool with random people so I could have my time with my friends. Some folks were out of town on this last minute trip so, yes Meredith, we’ll be back.

We stopped at my parents’ house for lunch on the way to Atlanta and got to hang out with them for a few hours. We had a good time; it was nice to see him with my parents. We took him on a field trip and showed him all the exotic animals that the neighbor has and had a lovely afternoon.

I think it was pretty cool and a good sign that on both trips there and back we didn't turn on the radio once. We just chatted and relaxed the whole 4 hours each way.

This weekend I get to go to my first cattle auction, we are gonna start inserting me in farming situations so I can see if it’s my cup of tea. I am guessing it is.

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