Friday, October 12, 2012

what? who?

See this is what happens when you are too busy to sit down and blog, I wrote all of this yesterday but my computer was acting up so I could not post it.  Now it’s the next day and some things have changed, but I am going to act like it is still yesterday.

I thought that the highlight of my day Wednesday was that a distant friend from college, Noelle, gave me props on my blog via Facebook......sorry girl you got trumped!

Crazy Pants (CP for short) took me to the Jerrod Neimann concert last night. I am trying to figure out the best part...meeting Jerrod or Lee Brice, I can't decide. During the 2nd act CP gets a text from Jerrod to come on the bus. Ok so I am now on the tour bus with the famous, just a typical Wednesday night. After I get introduced to Jerrod and all his people along with Colbie Caillat I had a little giggle to myself. I am thinking as I am listening to Jerrod talk, I hope we're not missing the show, wait a minute, this is the show! It was a wild and surreal moment. I immediately told CP who immediately told everyone, sweet I have officially introduced everyone to Spaswell.

Colbie Caillat (I googled her later to find out who she was) flew in from LA to sing a duet with Jerrod (I’m all about You written by CP). My elbows are a bit soar from rubbing them with the famous, hob knobbin with folks I don't typically run into on the reg was pretty cool. I cannot believe I forget my lipstick! I was fishing around for my makeup bag in my black hole purse and realized I forgot it at home along with my economy size can of White Rain arousal hair spray. I did however manage to have an old string cheese in the bottom of my purse just in case I got hungry.

The show was about to start and we head to our VIP seats. All I am gonna say is wow. During the amazing vocal contribution Jerrod allowed us to hear, I stood next to Lee Brice and got introduced half a million song writers I pretended to know about. Lee Brice is hilarious, just hanging out with some chic’s purse on his arm (I am guessing it’s the purse belongs to the girl that he sings about in his songs). He is chatting it up with a couple of dudes behind me when Jerrod starts to beckon him from the stage. He was like “hey Lee Brice where you at?”  Lee was too busy talking to hear him so I got to utter the coolest sentence ever. “Hey Lee Brice, Jerrod Neimann wants you one stage!” He promptly left his conversation and went on stage purse and all. Ok so now I am all of a sudden at an impromptu Lee Brice concert. This is actually blowing my mind a little; he sang all of his songs that he sings on the radio and the songs that wrote that other people sing on the radio.

Crazy Pants leans over and says to me that John Stone is here. My reaction, "Joss Stone, I love Joss Stone I am huge fan!" So later on in the night I turn around and CP introduces me to John Stone and tells him I am huge fan. AHH! I am now acting like I am huge fan of this John Stone person who I have never heard of, Joss and John sound a lotta like in a loud bar.

Well that wraps up that crazy night, but before I go I must make a Public Service Announcement. For those of you who enjoy reading my blog I thank you, for those of you who like giving me advice via the comment section of my blog I would like to send out the following memo:

My advisory board is fully staffed at the moment. Should a space open up, all new candidates will be subject to a very strict screening process as my best interest is at stake. Anyone who has been previously voted off of my dating roster by my current panel of advisers need not apply for this position. If this is confusing, please refer back to a previous post, I think I titled it  “Cray Cray Go Away”

That is all.

 am now going to act like a day hasn’t gone by; I will say that Crazy Pants is staying true to his name. I am going to the mountains for the weekend, I will tell you about last night when I return.

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  1. I love it!! LMAO. Keep up the greatwork sunshine!!! I missed the "Cray Cray" blog but I will go back and find it. Ciao!!!