Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V Day

Well today was interesting. I woke up to Will calling me at 6am telling Happy Valentine’s Day and that Sarah texted him. "Hey Steph, Sarah was telling me I needed to send you roses" Well actually it was “Steeaaph Suuraah tellin me bout sum roses" I was half asleep and was like what??? I am gonna kill her I said. "No No NO don't say a word" he said. Um okay, not gonna happen. Then I get to work and Vickie asked me what Will was gonna send me, I told her nothing and that we would celebrate it on Saturday. So she texts him without my permission. SO he calls me feelin all bad, I told him not to feel bad and I would call him later. He said “I got all yer friends texting me about the damn flowers" well I do apologize, Sarah had my best interest at heart and Vickie wanted to stir the pot, bottom line.

I was in a terrible mood all day, Valentine’s Day is a crock, designed to make you feel feelings you would not normally feel. I have designed my relationships to seem like I don't need stuff; well maybe I do need stuff, little stuff. Little stuff like, I need to see my parents Saturday, check. I need to have dinner with my boyfriend Saturday night, check check. I have decided that I am gonna stay in bounds of the blessings I do have and leave the rest alone. Sarah was awesome to give a little nudge in the flowers department, now he knows that sometime you do have to read between the lines.

All of us together this weekend will be the best present I can ask for.

P.S. Sarah + face time with Will  = influential friend. See you soon


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