Tuesday, November 13, 2012

one time, one shot, one bullet

I love the Voice! I just got done watching the results show, I never watch the results show I always just fast forward to the end, but this is truly entertaining. That damn Christina can't help it, I’m always rooting for her but she makes it hard when she comes out looking like the love child of Mrs. Hannigan from Annie and Miss Piggy in Drag. Seriously girl, it’s cool you got curves but geez; work it a little less hunny. Brandy said she looked like a reject from the hunger games and could do a Bridal shoot for Lane Bryant.

Anyway, back to the Utah/Vegas saga, its time I wrapped this baby up. Long story short, I woke up the next morning, got dressed, and we headed out for two more short and easy but beautiful hikes. It was an amazing two days in Utah, first time there and I believe Jeff when he says he always leaves Zion a better person.

One packed up car, one tunnel through a mountain, a few pics and we are off back to Vegas. Three hours later we arrive. Somehow we managed to muster up just enough energy to go eat so damn tasty Sushi and well that was about it. Lights out early. Wake up refreshed for our Sunday funday. We talked about shooting some guns on our hike, so that is what we did. Let me give you a little background on my gun experience. I have always claimed to be terrified of deadly weapons and just thought it to be a good idea for Spazwell to stay clear of anything that could blow off toes and/or people’s heads. I did shoot one rifle one time with my dad and brother on his land. I was shaking the whole time and couldn't wait to put the damn thing down. I may have been a little misleading when I told Jeff I had been shooting before with my dad, I guess I forgot the one time, one shot, and one bullet part. Jeff picks out a gun from his arsenal and we head to the shooting range. I am of course excited; I get to put one more illusion of a fear to rest. We are sitting there waiting on our turn and this girl asks me if this was my first time, I answer yes. Jeff's eyes get all big and was like, um what? I said yes this is my first time shooting. “You said you shot with your dad.”  Yes I know once, one time, one shot, one bullet. He calmly sets down his phone, takes a deep breath and says this may be a good time to teach you, we should start with safety. Great idea, oh but wait, I have a question, “Why are we using real bullets? Why not blanks?” “Um so we can see where we are shooting and blanks are for the movies.” Ok cool got it.

We go over the Cliffnote version of how to aim and what not to do and then it was our turn. We put on our goggles, our ear phones and head on in. He loads the gun, I watch, we shoots the target I watch. Ok now it’s time to take my five minute lesson and apply it accordingly. I load the magazine and aim, look as awkward as humanly possible and shoot. WHOA, that 40 mil has got a kick to it!

I did good! He let me shot most of the 150 rounds that we had, I got more and more comfortable and I loved it. I only put him in danger once when I waived the gun around just as a hot as hell shell goes flying through the air and straight down my shirt. Other than that, when the other two shells went down my shirt, I managed to hold my composure. So all and all it was a blast, I for sure want to do it again and who knows, maybe I get my own gun one of these days.

After that we went and got a bite to eat, watched the Steeler game and off the airport we went. I am now hoping that they don’t test my hands for gun residue like they did on the way out after I left my phone on my pocket through the metal detectors.

Great trip! Good stiff, I achieved my goal of not dying and all is good. Jeff was a great host and hopefully their will be another adventure in my future.

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