Friday, November 30, 2012

Holy craps Kennys!

WHAT???!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I just looked at my of right now I have had 10 THOUSAND and 5 VIEWS of this blog!!!!!!! Whoa! That is mega huge!!!! Just think, if I actually had been trying to make money off this bloody thing, I may not be free eating deer meat (courtesy of Brandy's brother) till I get paid in 7 days. WOW! Thank you for 10,005 views in a year and 4 months that's very cool, I thank you for keeping up with me! I am just beside myself!!! Wow.

Ok now for the true topic of the BESTIE'S Birthday! I want to take a minute and dedicate a few words to this amazing human. I am not even gonna talk about the fact that I was sent out to get Christmas decorations for the office today. I came back with red, white and blue decorations and got accused of mixing up the holidays again. Well I like red and silver decorations and at the last minute decided that I had too much red and silver so I threw in some color, it just so happened to be blue. I got back and emptied the bags on the counter and yes it did look like I should have also picked up some Roman candles for Christmas at Servpro but whatever. I just told them that I am an American and I believe in this country. My explanation didn't hold up very long when they opened the fake tree I bought and it was electric blue. OOOPSY! It looked green on the box, whatevs, they should have known better than to send me, I am ok with a traditional flamboyant Christmas.

So anyway, back to my topic at hand, BRANDY's Birthday!!! Here's one bit of funniness, for a good part of the year Brandy  thought she was already 36, so it was a nice surprise for her that she was only 35 and she actually gained a year by not being able to do the math, nice work girl.

Where to start where to start….Brandy, she is my rock, my best friend, my elder, my top advisor, my laughing partner, loan advisor, my key holder to my secret vault, my girl, my sister. We have been friends for 17 years; I met her in college back when she looked like Ricky Lake. We were in the same sorority, a sorority that would only house our kind, the opposite of any sorority girl. She was this bad ass from Woodstock who had her own agenda and own opinions. She was not to be crossed but someone who would have your back. We lived together after college, I am not sure how she put up with me, but we made it an adventure. We painted our living room Pepto-Bismol pink and lived lives as we saw fit. We rescued each other from stupid decisions, I made sure she got down from the roof when she got herself stuck and she made sure I didn’t almost make the kitchen a drive-thru with my car again. She forgave me for me getting us into a wreck when I covered the eyes of our sober driver while he was driving us up our wooded driveway and forced us to have a head-on collision with a tree. She has been there through it all. She has laughed with me, she has walked me through life step by step, and I have learned some valuable lessons when I didn’t take her advice. She is hilarious, loyal, a good listener and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. We have honestly gotten into 2 maybe 3 fights in our friendship and I am probably taking the blame for all 3. She took me in when I made the move to Tennessee and motivated me to make a life for myself here. She coined my phrase: “Make a way out of no way”  and that I have, over and over again. Knowing that I forget my purse on a weekly basis tells me that I couldn’t live without her. She is my right brain, she gets my jokes, she gets me, we 1000 inside jokes we share on Patio 457 and I hope she knows how much she means to me. Happy Birthday girl, I hope you enjoy the phone charger that I gave you and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next weekend!

Cheers to being 36…again!


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