Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Emotions


Well after a heart wrenching loss of my beloved Bulldawgs on Saturday, I decided to parlay my emotions into a call to my cousin. I guess it’s safe to say that after 1 year and 3 months it took a 3 1/2 hour conversation to mend the fence that kept us apart. I turned my anger into strength and traveled the high road for a bit. As everyone knows it was a long hard road of thinking and talking to get here. I gave in for a few reasons, mostly because I realized that family is important right now and we are pretty much the glue that holds both families together. So, there ya go, I stepped up and stopped being angry. She is now living in Flat Rock, Alabama with him and that is all I care to know right now, baby steps. She is only 1 1/2 hours away from my family in Georgia, so I sent her down there on my behalf to do the dishes and keep my mom company for a couple of days.

So now that that is settled, I have made a decision, to use the $20 Amy gave me and put it towards a membership. The trauma of Crazypants has subsided and I think I am ready to face the big bad world of online dating again. I swore to Marybeth that I would never go on POF again and I haven’t, so here goes round two of the nonsense. I will start this weekend. I am not sure what sparked it, not sure if it was learning that I let Hank get snatched up by another chippy. Yes Amber, it’s true, I let that guy slip through my fingers and he is now in deep with some other broad. We are still friends and will continue to hang out, he has already told his girl about me and she is cool with me staying in his life. He has lost 65 lbs. since I have known him and according to him he looks damn good (I can smell the smoke coming out of Amber’s ears).

My job as the manager of the zoo we call an office is quite insane. So far I have yelled at everyone. For some reason my desk has become the go-to desk for everything. I have a head-set on so no one ever knows when I am on the phone. I now shush people when I can’t hear and I yell at people who think that my desk is their own personal Office Max. I spend a good chunk of my day trying not to beat people with my stapler when they ask me to menial tasks that they are more than capable of doing themselves. I have a HUGE new respect for receptionists. I wouldn't mind being interrupted all day if had nothing else to do other than shell out post-it notes, paper clips and envelopes. BUT that is not the case; multi-tasking is quickly becoming one of my top qualities as I juggle 45 job titles. I am counting on using my anger for strength again real soon, I am not angry per say, but I am vocal.

I am super excited about being broke for only one more day. Not that I am not thankful for all the free deer meat that has kept me alive the past several days, but I am of bite of venison away from scampering through a meadow while dodging bullets from high-powered rifles. Come on payday!






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