Monday, December 24, 2012

first light

I feel like I need to fill everyone one midway through this Christmas extravaganza weekend. All of the girlie tendencies were more than justified after seeing the elements. He is who he is, he makes no apologies for it and I think that is awesome.

I got down there Friday evening, stars shining bright and far far away from everything. His house is very clean and cozy with 4-5 deer heads hanging in the living room, along with a three legged baby bobcat. I was introduced to his 135 lb. lab, Dudley Do Wright (his last name is Wright) if you are a lab in this family, this is your name (not at all confusing). I brought the dog a chew toy earning me some instant points. He showed me this selection of homemade wine and moonshine. He doesn't drink all that much so this stuff has been sitting there for years, who knows what's in them. I was hungry so we picked out one of three restaurants nearby, Castaways; he had nachos and frog legs, perfect combo. I have never had frog legs and never will after watching a country boy tear em up. Gross. Double yuck. We had a good time and went back to the house for some pool lessons. He’s got a pool table in his house, I told him I suck at pool and now he is determined to teach me. Ok well go right ahead, but I can guarantee I am still gonna suck. After a few games it was time for bed, we gotta get some shut eye cause the cows need a feedin at first light.  He slept on the couch; me and the dog took his bed.

It's now right around dawn, he came in the bedroom and opened his safe to pick out a gun for the day (as ya do). He pulled out a long silver revolver and hands it too me before I can even open my eyes. I told him it was not a good idea to hand me a weapon before I’ve had my cereal. He points me in the direction of the kitchen while he loads his weapons. I really like this guy, but I think I fell in love when I saw the variety of cereal in his cabinets. He's got no food except for cereal, holy match made in heaven. I poured me some cocoa crispies and went to the window to check out the view out back. Um, Will is outside putting logs in the outdoor heater to heat the house. What?? Holy crap, I put down my cereal, ran and got my camera. I have never seen anything like this, we are using fire wood to heat the house, I am now waiting for Laura Ingalls to come running down the hill with her pail.

I am gonna have to stop here and finish up later, he will be here soon, time to meet my parents. We are all going to lunch and then the boys are going to play pool (my dad loves pool like he loves pool) and the girls are gonna go shopping. Wish me luck!!


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