Thursday, January 31, 2013

bad no

Ok so Brandy couldn't figure out why she had like 57 new emails on her POF account, she doesn't even use it any more. She got to the bottom of it, her dog walked on her Kindle and somehow the POF account appears and he stands on the word YES to like 100 guys that she would like to meet them!!! She has been doing damage control all afternoon, most of the guys are straight out of Deliverance and she said that she couldn’t figure out why the sound of dueling banjos came on as soon as she logged on. THIS IS HILARIOUS!! What if her dog picked out the man of her dreams and they fall in love? She said it wasn't likely, I told her that this was probably a good time to tell her dog exactly what she was looking for in a man so he'll know for next time.

Bahahaha! I was in bed not planning on blogging cause I had nothing to say but I got my butt up cause I couldn't stop laughing.

Ok back to my book. Christine and Patti are coming in tomorrow for the weekend yay!! Kelly may be staying here too due to the fact her house has no power from the storm the other night and she has been out of town so she didn’t know it. 4 girls up in the one bedroom crib...what what!


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