Thursday, January 10, 2013

hint and you shall receive

Well all of the complaining finally paid off...I got me a raise! After a year and four months of doing 49 jobs I got a little feels good! I celebrated by giving back to the homeless on the way to work this morning. I may even upgrade Thursday night dinners from peas in a can to Steamers in a bag..with fake cheese sauce and all!

Will came over last night and I didn't kill him with my cooking, he is still alive and well. I thought the pork chops were a little dry but he said he liked them; I will ignore the two extra glasses of water he drank at dinner. We had a good dinner and a movie night...Bourne Legacy, awesome movie minus Matt Damon.

Tonight I went and met up with Kelly...Kelly the girl I once knew and considered my only friend in the city of Nashville, yep she finally resurfaced. I let her explain the fact that she went into hiding, she hasn’t been cheating on me with other friends, she has just been working a lot and laying low. Ok I can respect that, just letta a girl know next time so I won't be racking my brain trying to figure out how I pissed her off. I let her apologize for making me watch almost every GA game by myself in my by myself. So all is good, glad to have my friend back.

Will got me tickets to the Ryman Autorium for my birthday!!! YAY! I only hinted once and bam today we have tickets!!! We get to see Rio Diamond, I mean Diamond Rio, Joe Diffie and Hunter Hays at the oldest venue in Nashville, where all the stars have once performed. I am excited.

This is taking place next Friday the 18th, so my birthday weekend is still up for grabs if Sarah and Janeen want to come in town and surprise me. Sarah and I need to spend our birthday together in Nashville, HINT HINT HINT! I love surprises, especially the hand-me-down Coach wallet I just received in the mail from Sarah and her mom and after cleaning out her closet....thanks girls!! The purse you sent seems high end but I have no idea what it is...clue me in girl. Goodwill Spaz is all about the hand-me-downs


Ok nite nite

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