Monday, August 20, 2012

checklist needed

Ok so I went out with the tall dude on Thursday...twice in one day. We were supposed to have some calamari at a fancy restaurant but ended up having a 6 inch sub at Subway cause the wait was too long. Things went fine, he was pretty much an open book and I didn’t have to guess at a whole lot. I didn't need to ask him his name because it was written on his arm. I didn't need to ask if he went to college, the massive class ring gave that away (he’s 36). I didn't have to ask if he was a party animal cause that was written on the other arm, and the other tat of the Tasmanian devil spoke for itself. What else was there to find out? Oh wait he is tight with all the Titans and all the country music stars, so basically the name dropping skills are top notch. He was nice enough, he did make me laugh, he let me speak freely and was a gentleman. We went out for coffee later that night cause I had to find a way to stay awake to pick up Megan from the bus stop at 1130pm on a school night. It went fine, I apparently passed all of his tests and he didn't leave me in the middle of the date like he has in the past with other girls.

He wants to take me to lunch on Wednesday and I am gonna let him, he is entertaining enough for another hour long meal. You never know, I could fall madly in love with him, so we are gonna give him a shot.

I showed Megan a fun time. I left her in my apartment while I went to work for a half a day and came home to her chomping at the bit to get out of my cave! I left her a half a can of peas and some mustard in the fridge, so I am not sure what the problem was it being 1pm and all. It was good to see her, a quick, easy day and half and she was back on the bus to her next stop, Louisville. Thanks for comin up girl!

Needless to say I was exhausted the next morning but got in the car with Vickie and her husband to make the trip over the mountain.  I found out it’s much better with people to talk to during that trip. Of course I left my phone in the car when they dropped me off at Sarah's. Sarah wasn't answering her door cause she was in the shower. I had to go and knock on doors to use random people's phone to call my phone. Vickie ended up turning around and bringing it back, thank goodness!

As I said before, we had a quick blast with my Sarah and her friends, had one last lunch at the Derby with Janeen and Sarah (our spot) on Sunday. We got back to the house just in time for Vickie to pick me up and we were off, but not before we turned around to go get my phone that I left at Sarah's! Oh me oh my I need like a checklist to carry with me at all times. Phone check, license check, debit card check, brain check check!

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