Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vegas Baby! (part 2) Chow time!

After we got back from a perfect day on the water we are ready to chow down! It’s time to shower and look dazzling for dinner. Oh but wait let me go and fish my makeup out of the cooler. Why wouldn't I take my bronzer, blush brush, eye shadow and mascara to the river? To stop it from melting I wrapped it in a grocery bag and set it gently in the ice. Hours later the ice had melted and my makeup was pretty much mush and goo. Sweet. Whatever, I was able to use our resources and make myself presentable.

Our tour guide, Jeffery, packed up his two bitches and took us to the highest point in Vegas, The Stratosphere. Of course there are no last minute reservations happening on a Saturday night to this 5-star joint, except when you’re with people who know people. Jeff is all kinds of dialed in the restaurant industry being the one of top meat peddlers on the strip. We got right in and escorted VIP style to the money table overlooking the entire city. The restaurant is called The Top of the World and it slowly rotates so you don't miss one single light bulb in Vegas or the orange clouds fresh off the sunset. The head chef, Claude, came out to our table, Jeff’s introduced us and before we knew it we were presented with an all-out feast. It was time to put our napkins in our laps, be on our best behavior and dig in!

Our table is now covered with deliciousness....anything we wanted we got and then some. Shrimp, lobster ceviche, caprice salad, Foie Gras (duck liver), pork belly, crab legs, scallops, crap cakes and that was just the appetizers for cryin out loud. We now had rib eyes coming with mushrooms and asparagus. Thank goodness we were starving! It was so decadent (I don't get to use that word nearly enough). The duck liver was a huge hit surprisingly enough. Jeff kept going on and on about this damn pork bell all day and how it was a must eat. I couldn’t wait to try it, until I did. It was this pork cooked with a layer of fat around it. I guess I missed that part of the description because I just cut off the layer of fat and ate it, yuck. I politely disregarded it and assumed that he was crazy. We had a good laugh later when I realized my mistake; I need a do-over on the pork belly. Before the main course arrived, we met another buddy of his, the other main Chef Rick. He was hilarious, they both were and Rick just got done being on one of those Chef reality shows, very cool.

One of the main things we wanted to do was ride the rides on top of the Stratosphere, we had to rethink this plan as we didn't want to waste all that good food on the sidewalk below.

Jeff was such a sweetie to bring us there and treat us to an amazing dinner that I will never forget, mostly because I am still digesting it.



Part 3 tomorrow


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