Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vegas Baby! (part one)

What what!!! Best trip Vegas ever!!

First things first....whatever you do DO NOT say Happy Birthday to your own mother while you're in Vegas. It’s bad luck. Holy crap Mommy I am so sorry! I totally flaked on telling the most wonderfully beautiful Mommy I could find…. Happy Birthday!!! AAAAHHH! I love you Mom, Happy belated! I was just waiting so I could be super dramatic about how much you mean to me! You don't act or look a day over 48 so I am very very excited to wish you a very very happy 68th birthday! xoxoxoxoxo! (They are holding your present at the store; they said they will give it to me in exchange for money, its sitting right next to the "How to be a Good Daughter" book... I'm gonna pick up a copy when its comes out in paperback)

Ok so Vegas, LOVED every minute of it! Brandy and I had a freakin blast! We started out at the airport....um hello live music at Tootsies in the airport! Only Nashville! Loved it, it totally set the tone while we are waiting on the longest plane ride ever! We finally got to Vegas, it being 2am our time, we were in a dark vessel waiting to get off the plane, we had fully talked ourselves into going straight to bed once we got settled. UM NOPE. Brandy's wonderful cousin and his friend picked us up from the airport and we quickly got in for the ride of our lives, literally. Homeboy was a crazyass driver and I was searching for the nearest seatbelt, thank goodness he packed us a roadie for the 20 minutes trip to the house. We got there and the "fixer upper" that he described was actually a FABULOUS desert home with all the fixins. Everything two girls from Tennessee could of asked for...pool, outside bar, 3 beds, air hockey, dart board, circle game and wonderful company. The first night we all got know each other and hung out until freakin 530am our time. I got to sleep on leather futon in the office. I felt like I was sleeping on a concrete slab draped with designer sheets. I am lying there wondering how in the world I could be in this house where everything is top knotch, I am dirt tired, should be able to sleep on nails, but am stuck on this iron maiden. The next morning, 4 hours later to be exact, Brandy comes out to see me wide awake and I told her to come and lay on my "bed" to see how it feels. Right about that time, her cousin, Jeff, lifts his head from his pillow and says, “Hey Steph, I think I forgot to put out the cushions when I made your bed! WHAT??!! HA, yea ya did, and we laughed hysterically.

So now we are heading into the most adventurous Saturday we’ve had in a long while.

Hoover Dame bound baby!  We arrive at the bridge where you can spit off the side and watch it sail into the river, where people can jump off when they feel hopeless and the place with the best view ever! We walked across the bridge long enough to cross into Arizona, took a couple of pics and decide it’s time to get on a boat. We rented a boat for a half a day and Captain Jeff took us for a ride down the Colorado River. Amazing scenery, Brandy and I could not get enough. We motor boat past some serious cliffs until we found one that looked like a good jumping off point . First things first, jump in to hypothermic waters; we now know what 1000 needles feels likes pinging into our bodies. Jeff scaled this cliff and showed us how it was done. Um ok great job Jeff, let’s go. Nope, Stephanie you are up! Ok fine, sure I can climb up a side of a cliff just to jump off, no problem. Jeff is behind me talking me through every scary step and questionable landslide. At one point I froze and told him I couldn’t do it, he quickly turned into the cliff whisperer, "Yes you can, it’s just like walking" Um this is not how I walk! I walk every day and it doesn’t involve testing out loose rocks to see if they told my weight. We finally get to the top, we sat there taking in the scenery as I yell out random words just to hear how annoying my voice really is as it echoes through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I am with Jeff and he is slowing talking me into jumping to my death. He has a video camera on us so I just stare at the camera the entire time like it’s my focal point before giving birth.  He grabs my hand, counts to three and I scream bloody murder for about 35 feet. Holy crap….that was amazing!!!

OK Brandy, you're up! Hell no she says! Brandy is terrified of heights but was determined to do it, so we go to a different cliff that didn't require rock climbing. We made it to the top, Brandy, Jeff, me and a video camera in tow. We all jumped at once and will forever be bonded by our fearless act and general awesomeness. We have it all on tape; everything from Brandy's scared as hell face to Brandy popping out of the water laughing hysterically! Hey hey hey euphoria, what’s up?!!!! Way to face your fear girl!

We did it a few more times; the last jump took me about 1-2 hours. It required a total commitment of running, taking a blind jump and clearing a landing below the peak to make it to the water. What?? Keep in mind Jeff told us he chickened out twice before on this particular cliff....um ok good to know (this was actually my motivation). I stood up there and had a few hundred false starts. I was way over thinking it....there was no way around it; he was going to have to kiss me to make my wheels stop turning. He grabbed my face, kissed me and I took off like Flo Jo (RIP) jumped for my life, sailed over the landing and landed in the water like a champion. Brandy, who was treading water waiting on me the entire time with the help of her two built in floatation devices, was probably more excited that I was! WOO HOO! Good Stuff!

Both of us could sleep well that night with zero regrets!

Part two...tomorrow


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