Tuesday, August 7, 2012

flicker flicker fail fail

I saw my parents on Sunday and had lunch with them on the way out of town. So good to see them as always, they are both looking and doing great! I had to return the monitor back to my boss's office before anyone noticed. So I am currently sitting very still with my busted up monitor, I'm holding it at an angle while holding my breath with one leg in the air as its about to flicker out. I don't have much time, I need to get this fixed. I brought home a cord to hook up to the TV (a suggestion by many people) but forgot that my TV that Brandy gave me was made before they were flat. You know back when the TV makers thought that all the TVs should weigh more than the house so that once you got them into the living room you'd be forced to keep it forever. Long story short, it doesn't have the plug-in area that I need. I will try to come up with a different plan tomorrow. I am thinking its going to magically fix itself, I can feel it.

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