Friday, May 4, 2012

226 smartass!

Ok so I am sitting here waiting on Anna and her man to get here. They are crashing with me tonight and going to a wedding tomorrow. I was promised dinner damnit! They were supposed to be here at 530pm and then 730pm and then 815pm and now the new ETA is 915! I am hungry people! That’s it, they are getting dirty towels. I totally forgot to wash the extra bedding and towels, so I just dug em out of the hamper and folded everything up from when the last time I had guests...sssshhh don't tell.

So last night was fun my Fem Soldier is growing on me, we watched some baseball and had a good time. I cancelled our date tonight so I could sit around and wait on my friends. Yesterday, I was in a mood and was giving him the bizness via text.  I was a huge smartas, bordering on mean and he finally called me out on it. He said my flirting skills were an epic failure. So I dialed it down during the date and he said he no longer wanted to punch me. I don't know who I think I am sometimes. But he can't be too mad cause he really sets himself up when he starts impersonating Skoopy Doo via text and saying things like "gasp" and "sigh" when he is trying to implement voice inflection in his texts. He told me to add one of his comments into his bank account of "cool guy points." I told him that his account was in the red and he would need to make a deposit. I am still trying to figure out a nice way to tell him that his kissing skills need a lot of work….is there a nice way to slide that in??? I actually could use some advice on how to address this…

Ok I guess I better get ready to go out past my bedtime.

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