Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Part 4
The Wedding, it was very fun and funny! We all piled in the room where they held the ceremony. I sat with Matt Burrell, the only other single guy who was not in the wedding. Eleven groomsmen and four bridesmaids didn’t leave many of our friends in the audience. We all stood up and watched Elisabeth come down the aisle. We watched her walk towards her lovely groom-to-be Mr. Jim Francis Nark as we saw his face light right up, (although that could of been from the whiskey he most likely downed on the way to the alter, ha-ha).

Elisabeth looked smashing, Jim looked dashing and the "Pastor" was a friend of theirs who got ordained on the internet. This is already off to a funny start. Here we are gathered together, standing up and the pastor starts in on this hilarious speech that he wrote himself. He gathered all kinds on personal information after interviewing the two of them a month prior. Ok here's the thing, he never actually asked us to sit down, ever. The entire congregation of people is just standing there laughing at this voice who is talking about these people who we can’t see, because we are all standing up! I am sure the ceremony was quite lovely, I heard talk of a knot being tied and I think they kissed, oh well that’s why God made videographers.

Later after the wedding, we cornered this guy and asked him why he never asked us to sit down.  He started cracking up, he said that since this was his first and probably last wedding, (too bad cause he had a pretty spiffy robe on) that it never occurred to him. He thought that we would all have enough common sense to just have a seat! Ha funny stuff.

The reception was fun, we ended up sitting at a table that wasn't big enough of for our crew, so we stole chairs from other tables and made it big enough. ha

 All in all a fun event with no drama………shocker!

It was good to see everyone and take a glimpse into their lives without me. That said, I would like to extend a congratulations to Meredith and Danny for being knocked up again, Justin for making and an honest woman out of Michelle and of course, the newlyweds Jim and Elisabeth! Everyone else is living right and staying true... just as I left em.

Ok tomorrow will be part 5, “Operation get the hell out of Atlanta!”

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