Wednesday, May 30, 2012

day 245 burnt sienna

Ok now the play by play of Memorial Day weekend.

Got stood up!

Yep. Again.

Had a 2nd date with what's his name (I think it was Tim). All dressed up and nowhere to go....that was until I got beckoned over to Kelly’s for a cookout.  Perfect timing and I had an audience to bitch to. They all advised me to not send the "you're a d**k” text that I was planning on sending. They told me to say nothing. I am still in training on "playing hard to get" so I am fully listening to all of my advisors from now on. So I did nothing.

He did call me twice, two hours after he was supposed to meet me and then texted the next morning. I let him sweat it out. He texted all day Saturday was apologizing with some lame excuses. I let him text me 4 times before I responded, per my trusty advisors. That day we were having big fun at my pool, so I wasn't too concerned. I had Brandy, Kelly, Gary and the Philly couple over for a day at the pool and cooked out. Brandy and I had made plans to go to the Sounds game that night, but the pool was feeling too nice and getting ready seemed ridiculous.

After the sun went down, the half circle settled into my place for some R & R and girl time. Brandy became super excited about ordering food in.  Living in the country she hasn’t ordered food to be delivered in years! So we let her order all her favorite things, it being a special occasion and all.

During our pool fun, I got in big trouble, as my faded spray tan was a disaster. It looked ridiculous Friday night, so I made an executive decision to apply some self-tanning lotion to fill in the patches. NOT A GOOD IDEA! When Brandy showed up, it wasn't “hey or hello” it was “you look ridiculous; you are like 9 different colors.” She has scolded me many times in the past for this very thing. No one disagreed with her, including me. Thank goodness I got stood up! She yells out, you have pretty white skin, why do you want to look like a Burnt Sienna crayon??! I defended myself with, I am listening to you about playing hard to get, one thing at a time!!

I have to go to bed so tomorrow I will talk about my final self-tanning intervention and  how I gave Mr. "Stand me up" a 2nd chance to take me out for Sunday Funday.

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