Thursday, May 24, 2012

day 240 part 2 of ATL

Part 2

Ok where did I leave off?...So after I conned the tanning lady, I was supposed to meet MB but it was Friday at 5pm and I was supposed to mete her at 6pm. It was rush hour and I only had an hour window with MB, if I would have tries to get through traffic at that time I wouldn’t of made it… so I missed my chance. Sorry girl, I am still kicking myself, I should have made it happen! This is the result of me trying to make too many plans in a short amount of time. I literally had every hour of every day accounted for and I forgot that I am not Wonder Woman. So I owe MB a visit.

I then made my way to Gary’s to pack up Jake and head to Christine’s. My plan was to drop him off there and go out in Decatur. When I got there, I let Jake out, he immediately ran over to the neighbor’s house, which is where his girlfriend lives (tiny fluffy dog). The neighbors were out on the deck, so I chatted it up while collecting my dog. They insisted that I leave Jake with them, ok done!

I am off to Twains to meet my Decatur peeps. Everyone was meeting there after the rehearsal dinner for Jim and Elisabeth’s wedding.  It’s our favorite spot to hang; it’s where I spent my last night in Atlanta. We all had a blast, Megan made a guest appearance. She snuck in under the radar, we got to hang out and do our usual photo shoot in the photo booth (Twains has an instant photo booth). I love that girl, she is so fun, we go way back to my Pulte days.

Alicia and I got to go in the photo booth. During my last hooorah in Atlanta back in July, I took turns with everyone who was there in the photo booth, so I have a whole bunch of fun pics all lined up on my fridge of that night. Alicia was busy being pregnant so she got left out (excuses excuses). When I got there she had he money ready to make that long overdue photo shoot happen! Alicia, you she finally made the fridge! After we closed the place down it was beddy by time. I was exhausted! Went back to the nearest bed and slipped into a coma.

Here is the part where I disappoint yet another friend and totally stand Sarah up for our breakfast date. :( We had plans at 8am and after the past two nights of little to no sleep, I over slept. I woke up at 1030am in a panic!!! I have never slept that late in my life! I had 4000 texts and missed calls. The missed calls were from Sarah, Brandy, Gary and Marybeth, these were the 4 people assigned to the missing person’s case. I also got some pictures of Sarah eating her breakfast all alone...I suck! I call Sarah, explained to her what happened and apologized profusely. I got the "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed speech" AAAAHHH that’s the worst!! I would rather her punch me in the face!!! I then call the rest of the designated search party and listen to a few lectures. Sarah called Brandy, Brandy doesn't have anyone’s number, I can't remember how Marybeth got involved, but she couldn't track me down either. Sarah drove over to Gary’s looking for me and sees Jake running down the street, he is like walking himself. She started to panic seeing as I am not there and I am supposed to be watching Jake. She saw the neighbor walk outside; she flags him down to ask about me. He said he thought that I would have been back already to let him out cause well, that is what I told him. That is how Gary got involved the APB made it all the way out to Boston! Ok so I am sooooo sorry I worried everyone and soooo mad I missed our catching up time that we planned weeks and week ago! So now I own Sarah a visit too.

Ok that is it for part two....we will pick up with part 3 tomorrow. (Did I make it to the wedding? we shall see:)

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