Thursday, May 10, 2012

231 if you're too busy talking, you're not busy listening

I am speaking in the third person, Steph you F’d up another potential mate. I was seeking attention from a guy who wasn't giving it to me. I haven’t learned many many lessons from past experiences and from the advice of my advisors.  I lost another one to me not playing hard to get. I called him yesterday...he didn't call me back after 5 hours and I texted him busting his chops. He ended up snapping at me cause he was still a work and now it’s over. I got a talking to from Sarah, Brandy and Stewart. They all gave me "tough love" speeches and I think I am finally learning my lesson...just freakin chill so I will stop having to start from scratch! Ok got it. I had to virtually pinky swear to each of them that I would forever have and to hold, through sickness and in health, listen to their advice and  get off of Plenty of Fish dot com.  Both Sarah and Brandy stated that the way I deal with potential boyfriends is not who I am in life. I am a confident and funny person who needs to stop falling in love on the 2nd date!

I am good now, I had a grand day at work and need to focus on that for a minute. My life is good and don’t need no stinkin boys.

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