Tuesday, May 8, 2012

day 229 The Voice spoiler alert

I am watching the finale of The Voice; they have done a way better job of entertaining us than Idol. Even though, Christina was kind of a biddy and last night she looked like a can of busted biscuits in her gold Lemay, it was still good. She needs to be thinkin about wearin stuff that fits...

I am gonna miss this show! Adam and Blake and Ceelo, kill me! Ok well I guess I need to stop typing and see who wins....hold please....



My girl Juliette Sims was my front runner since day 1! She came so close!!! Dangit! The black bald back-up singer won, he definitely has the pipes, so maybe he’ll go places.

The show was very well done, except when Christina got up to congratulate her opera singer for losing...um bedazzled undies?? Who lets her leave the house wearing this stuff???? Stop it! We get it; you are proud of your curves, now go put some clothes on!

Ok good night

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