Thursday, May 24, 2012

day 241 part three.... 90 MPH

Part 3

Ok so after everyone realized that I was still alive, I went on to my next appointment of meeting up with Samantha for lunch. Anna joined in again later; these are my two bartending buddies from Hudson Grille. Sam got a big kick out of the fact that I was still in my clothes from the night before. I didn’t have time to run by Gary’s and change cause I was running late, shocking I know. It was almost like one long walk of shame, the shame being I am just making people wait around all over town. We laughed a lot, got all caught up and now I have to make a mad dash to my hair appointment. After we said goodbyes and they gave their promises to visit… I was off again!

It was so good to see my hair dresser, Elizabeth We had a lot to catch up on; I was talking my head off and didn't notice that she had chopped 4 freakin inches off! I honestly think I have had way better haircuts (which is a shame since I waited an entire to get it cut so I could see her!) I feel like I could of put a salad bowl on my head and cut it myself. Nothing I can do about it now! I really am having a hard time liking it, its way short and could be a little more stylish. But, I will rock it with confidence, only because I really don't have a choice.

Right after I got my hair whacked, I went back to Gary’s to shower and I had a surprise visitor! Sarah came over with two Chai ice coffees in tow. What a great friend! We got to talk for a little bit (not nearly long enough). We ended up looking at the photo album that I made Gary of our 5 years together before I walked out the door entered my next life. It was so fun to reminisce and she said my hair looked healthy, ha ok, I'll take it. I totally sacrificed my “getting ready” time to chat with Sarah; I think I should get a few points back from my previous fail.

Since I had zero minutes to get ready, I had to jump in the car and try to make myself look like I did not do my make-up on the way to the wedding going 90 MPH. I pull myself together, peel into Alicia’s on two wheels and everyone is of course waiting on me. Five of us pile in Christine’s car and head to the Decatur Court house, I made it! So proud of myself.

Ok that is all the time I have....looks like this is gonna be a 4 or 5 parter....until then!

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