Tuesday, May 22, 2012

day 238 lordy lordy, I feel like I'm forty!

I didn't sleep again last night, like not at all! So I am a little out of it, my grammar and spelling may be a little off tonight..haha.

Part 1
Whirlwind Atlanta weekend:

2nd longest road trip of my life. Arrived Gary’s around 11pm after sitting at my desk for 10 hours. Walked into the house and Jake knew exactly who his Mommy was and I gave him lots of hugs and kisses! After I pet him for a bit, I drag my suitcase inside and head off to bed (remember Gary is in Boston). I don't remember that bed being so comfortable and I pretend that it wasn’t weird at all being in my old bed after all this time.  I can’t sleep of course, so I spent the rest of the evening texting my remaining two boys from POF in my ex-boyfriend’s bed. I have deleted my profile but am still talking to them (Hank and Tim). I finally fall asleep at freaking 2am, I hope I am not falling into my old insomniac ways!

I wake up and go for a run with Jake through Brookhaven; it was exactly as I remember it plus a few more tall trendy buildings. The run/walk was a success with minor knee pains. We get home and jump in the car to take Jake to get a bath at City Dog Market (I was the last person to give him a bath in October) poor guy.

After I take my own much needed bath, it’s off to Hudson Grille to meet Casey and Anna! Anna is running late, so Casey and I had a chance to catch up girl on some talk on a beautiful day at our old place of employment. Anna finally shows up with her work friends, they happen to be having a work function that day so she had to split her time up between us and them. After her work friends leave, us three head next door to get our nails and toes done, yay! I haven’t had them done in like a year! It was so nice to sit in a row and get pampered like we were all on an episode of Sex and City. Another co-worker shows up, so I pretend I’m Carrie, Anna is Charlotte, Casey is Samantha and Corrine is Miranda. We gossip and have a glass of wine like we are VIP or something, it was awesome.

Then the real fun begins, I pull a total Spaswell. Anna can bring a friend to get a free spray tan to the salon next door.  So against my, well everyone else's better judgment, I decide to get one. The condition of the free spray tan is that you must be a first time visitor. Did I mention that this is my old tanning salon where I used to get sprayed once a week? I convince myself that they won’t remember me and head on over. I go in and Anna introduces me to the girl as her friend from out of town. She was like, “Um, aren’t you Stephanie? Stephanie, as in an old client of mine?” Um nope, my name is Stacy, Stacy Miller and I have never been here before I say with conviction.  She looks at me like I have nine heads, as she should....she continue to accuse me of being Stephanie Baswell and I continue to insist that I am Stacy Miller from Nashville. I proceed to not make eye contact as I act like I am in the middle of a very important text to um nobody. It was all very awkward but I really wanted the free spray tan! I had been sitting on the patio for hours and was now burnt with strange tan lines right before a wedding, I had no choice. She finally gives in and tells her co-worker to please escort “Stacy Miller” to her booth.  Yep, that really happened and I am not proud.

Well that is part one, tomorrow I will go into more Spaswell shenanigans from Atlanta, right now I am off to bed. Hopefully I will not be watching the clock hit 1am, 2am, 3am, and 4am again tonight, I need sleep!!

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