Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 244 and that's a wrap!

Part 5
Ok last day of botched plans in Atlanta.

I made plans to have breakfast with my friend Lilsteph. We've known each other for around 9 years; she was once an intern at my job when I worked in the TV/Advertising industry 100 years ago. She always tells people that I was the only person who was nice to her and we've been friends ever since. She lives in Brookhaven, so naturally I schedule a breakfast on the morning after the wedding. It’s about a block from Gary’s and I will be swinging by there to grab my stuff and walk Jake one last time (the neighbors were scheduled to walk Jake on the night of the wedding long before I got there).

I wake up in Decatur at Patti's, which was cool because we got to have some girl time over a cup of coffee. We talked for a bit until I realized that I have to get going!

Ok first things first, figure out how I am going to get to Brookhaven. This is gonna be tricky seeing as I am at Patti's, my car is at Alicia's and my keys are in my purse in Christine’s car. Hhhhhhhmmmm what a pickle.

The clock is now also ticking and my breakfast plans are starting to crowd my lunch plans that I also made with my folks. AH! The first thing I do is call and push lunch to1pm. They are driving an hour to meet me off of the exit on the way out of town, so that is about as much time I have get to push it back.

LilSteph calls me to see what time we are meeting, I tell her my predicament. She offers to help, she says she will come and get me. She said if the only way I get to spend time with you is to drive you around town collecting your belongings, then so be it. Ha, awesome! Thanks girl! And that is exactly what she did. We grabbed a bagel togo and then went on a scavenger hunt for my stuff. We had some laughs about the whole thing and we have a short time to catch up on the way to Christine’s to fetch my keys. Josh and his friend from out of town are up and hopped in the car so they can go get Christine’s car. So now LilSteph has a car load of people she is carting around town. We get to the car and get my keys, drop them off and then head to my car. Being a good sport, she drops me off and we have a good laugh at my Spaswell antics.

Now I get to haul-ass to Gary’s to grab my stuff, walk Jake so I can then haul some more ass to meet my parents in Carterville by 1pm and it is now 1230pm. SWEET! I finally made it, I was only 15 minutes late and we had a fun filled lunch at Red Lobster.

AND that’s a wrap!!!!  HWY 24W was looking pretty darn good and I headed back to my cozy simple life (but not before a freakin tornado and lots of traffic to make my trip extra special).

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