Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 13, lucky 13

Ok well my juices haven't been flowing today. BUT they are picking up speed, so if anyone is interested, the fly is still here, I have stopped trying to kill him and just accepted the fact that he really wants to be here. His name is Jeremy and he is now apart of the family. BUT I will say I am not friends with the ICK I mean the TICK that placed himself on my hip today. ICK the TICK, made himself at home and I had to scrap the little blood sucker off of my hip and I haven't been the same since. Until, I past a very large man (300lb plus) with his pants half way down his bum on a tractor, at that moment I forgot about the tick. Now I am at home hanging out. Got a "Plenty of Fish" message from a weirdo, he didn't ask me my favorite color or what I did for a living, he wanted to know if I could have kids?? I say, "why would you ask that?? He said. "because you don't have any". "Oh my gosh, we'll see ya" and that was it. Not so impressed with the online dating thus far. (don't worry Mom, I am not in any danger, they can't find me by looking up my IP address, I don't think). Have an interview in Nashville tomorrow for an entry level marketing job ugh, but not gonna turn my nose up at anything at this point....we shall see. IN WITH THE GOOD..OUT WITH THE BAD

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