Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 5 day of preparation

ok so yesterday was a crap shoot....some may call it a waste of time. I go into the city to get a job like they are giving them away on the corner, all you gotta do is sign up. Nope, not really how it works. I just figured that I was sick of sending my resume into the black hole (Internet) for weeks and weeks so I took a different approach, blindly walking into places, "excuse me are you hiring?" in hopes that someone would say yes, come on in and show us what ya got, but apparently I have seen the movie "Coyote Ugly" one too many times. (that movie is awful and yet I know every word). So, my "no plan plan" kinda back fired. Today, I am actually gonna sit here on my trusty laptop and figure out who is actually hiring and then show up...hhhhmm a seemingly logical step in the right direction.

ok next subject, I sat up late last night stressing about the fact that I emailed my ex (we are still great friends so its not unusual for me to email him) and I mentioned this blog. why did I do that? I tried to unsend the email but you can't do that on gmail. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I should of thought that through. Now I get to be slightly self conscience about certain topics, one being, he gets to see the train wreck side of me that I tried to hide for so long :) and second, what if I meet a boy? Obviously, I am going to announce this ground breaking news to everyone and I don't wanna throw it in his face. Well maybe he will not read it, but G if you are tuning in, look away look away! :) I mean, I have no job and this is what I am stressing about??? come steph, get some perspective!

Now I have to go take a picture of this billboard that is attached to a back of a pick-up truck down the street. I saw it on my walk. I will be back with a pic and the questions I have regarding this bizarre sign....so don't change that dial!

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