Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 14

So my inventory of seemingly suitable gentlemen is gradually growing on POF. Its sorta of hard to keep up with who's who once you've reached the texting stage of the "relationship".
 (Brandy suggested that I make a spreadsheet) HA!
I laughed at first, but she may be right, yesterday I am having a full blown convo with two guys via text at the same time, one conversation is about our shared hatred for stuffing at Thanksgiving and the other convo is the about me being a Handcuff Inspector, (what? he is a cop, I had to develop some sort of middle ground between us, I couldn't exactly tell him that I sometimes live outside the law by treating speed limit signs like suggestions and sometime fail to yeild at crosswalks with alleged small kids in them) so I made up a job and if accidentally screw up and mention the inspection process to the guy who is getting all huffy and puffy over Stove Top than we have ourselves in quite a pickle my friends. ok so spreadsheet it is.

off to Nashville. tootles!

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