Friday, June 1, 2012

day 246 dive bomb!

Ok, I let Tim take me out for Sunday Funday. He totally got a second chance, I was pretty impressed when he left his “all guy” camping trip to take me out. We went to lunch and then boiled in the heat at Sounds game. We had fun, laughed a lot, mostly at my feet. They looked like I had been rolling around in the Georgia red clay. I had to wear pants it looks so bad. Pants in 96 degree weather! Usually I don't care if I look a little off, but this was that bad. I felt that sock and shoes would have been a little drastic and I left my poor feet exposed. It didn't take him long to call me out on my dirty feet. I gave him a heads up the night before so he wouldn’t think that I had some horrible skin disease. I told him that my spray tan and I had a fight and it was not cooperating. This all made me flash back 7 years when Gary and I had our first date at a Braves game. I was called out for the same exact think and my nickname quickly became leather foot. I can't believe I still haven't learned my lesson.

The date was fun, I kept thinking that during this marathon date he would ask me at least one question about myself. Um nope, not a one. This bothered me. We can go back in forth with snappy, witty banter all day long, litterly, because that is all we did. I need someone to at least ask me what my favorite color is and no it is not Burnt Sienna. Oh and he is addicted to his phone like the rest of the world. Put the phone away! You are on a date! Know you audience! Biggest pet peeve ever!

AH! I have to cut this short. My parents just called and are dive-bombing me! They are out on a road trip in KY or South Carolina or something and they are going to be here tomorrow when I get off work. I am excited to see them but I gotta clean!!!

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