Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 261 action packed weekend

Digits, a prickly arm and some sun does not equal the low key weekend I was aiming for but I am ok with that!
Friday night I get a call from my former co-worker Ben that he has two tickets to the concert. I politely accepted the free $135 face value tickets on the very same field The Tennessee Titans play! We were supposed to be on row 18 but snuck up to row 12. It was really cool to look up and see this massive stadium completely sold out.  If the Titans have ever sold out (doubtful) the player must feel like super stars on the field.

Shout to my girl, Casey, who missed to bus! She was going to jump on the Megabus and take it up here to go with me, but poor thing over slept! She was so disappointed. Don't worry girl the concert was not amazing, Faith Hill did not make an appearance to sing her duet with her husband. Kenny Chesney did not walk by our seats with security surrounding him. IF he did, I would have casually up to him and put my hand on his arm (it would have been prickly, cause he shaves it and had missed a day or two). And then I would of taken a picture of the back of his head and post it on Facebook.

 Managed to squeeze in some pool time both Saturday and Sunday, can't wait for Brandy's pool to be done. I am ready to lay on a raft in a pool that doesn't not have 1 million kids screaming in my ear. I am no longer the color of trim around my bed room and it’s not because I painted myself with burnt sienna paint!

Got me some digits! Meredith has been appointed Head Puppeteer on my budding relationship with her friend, Clay, the musician. Per her instructions, I sent him a message over Facebook. Told him it was nice to meet him and I can't wait to have his babies. Then I deleted it and wrote that it was nice to meet him. He wrote back 3 short days later with his number and told me to call him this week. My next set of instructions is to call him Tuesday. Ok will do!

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