Wednesday, June 20, 2012

day 257 not red flags, ginger flags!

Well the inventory of potential suitors has dimished to nothing again. BUT I am going to the ZZ TOP/ Gretchen Wilson concert tonight with my fist bumping friend. I mean how can I cancel on a guy who calls me Basybeautiful (Basy is my user name on POF) Sometimes he calls me Basycakes or basycupcake or basyeyes or basybeautifuleyes. Anyway, I am going to go and have a good time with the nickname bandit.
My Ginger from Iowa threw me for a loop yesterday. We have been talking over email everyday since we met and it’s been going great. He has been hinting that he wants to see me again and he has been throwing ideas out there to make it happen. So of course in my romance whirlwind riddled mind I am picturing this destiny story brewing of how we end up living happily ever after.

Well my part-bloodhound-Bestie’s first reaction to me telling her he was in sales was to check his ring finger for a tan line. I laugh it off. Then she told me to get a picture of him and forward it to her. He complies and sends a picture of himself in the bathroom mirror. Brandy takes a look and sees a blue bath robe in the background. Brandy says if that is his blue bathrobe, then it’s a red, well ginger flag and if it’s not, then it’s a double ginger flag. Then my wheels start turning. I may have missed a few ginger flags of my own.

Let's see, his name is Phil but yet his email address says Dan Harper. He has never called me or texted me even though he has my number. He wants to fly me into different states he flies into for work, but not his home town. He lives in Iowa, end of story. Oh my gosh he may be married!!!!

So I ask him straight out, he admits to it and says he figured I knew. WHAT????!!!!!! How in the heck would I know?? Apparently I am no Sherlock and I always assume that any guy who shows interest is unattached! Well not no mo!

My next email was very diplomatic as I tried to get some answers out of him. He said he hasn't been happy for years, that divorce has been discussed and they have stuck it out for the kids. WHAT??!! Kids too!!! He says he likes me so much, that he can't stop thinking about me and that he hopes I don't hate him. I told him I am not the one he should worry about hating him, that his wife may have a complaint or two about him pursuing an affair. I told him I was not going to participate in any home wrecking activities (I wish I didn't delete the emails, I could have just cut and pasted it, I was pretty proud of it). Long story short, I politely but directly told him to F off!

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