Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 250 stalk, hover, and pounce

CMA Country Fest was a trip! They set up a stage on the river (not sure why they don't have a permanent one there cause it was perfect). Boats floating behind the stage, tons and tons of people filled up the hill leading down to the stage. This was only one part of the fest, it flowed all through the rest of Broadway, and a sea of country fans equals the best people watching ever!!! People from all over wearing cowboy hats, wife beaters, boots, and every girl had a dress on with boots. Attention ladies, not every dress goes with cowboy boots!!

Kelly and I went into what used to be called Cadillac Ranch for some eats. We did the whole stalk, hover and pounce for a place to sit cause of course any place was with AC was packed. I did my whole once over/ loop around to locate my victims. My eyes are searching for two people signing a credit card slip with almost empty drinks. We found the perfect seats and started to hover, it was obvious what we are doing, so I let the couple in on what our intentions were. We continue to hover and the instant they showed movement we pretty much helped them out of the way and went in for a landing. Victory! Perfect seats for our lunch break! Seconds after we are sitting, the couple next to us gets up and two other people casually walk in and ask if those seats were taken. DAMN YOU!

After we finish off a big plate of nachos, the band cranks up and we meet a few boys from a 35 person bachelor party from Chicago. I don't know why I instantly start mocking Northern accents but I do and that’s just the way it is. These guys were fun, so fun we went honky Tonkin with them at Honky Tonk Central and ended up somehow inviting several of them back to my pool at my apartment! This reminds me of the time in Atlanta when I lived in the Highlands. I was at a bar and it was getting close to closing time, so naturally, I stood up on the stool and yelled POOL PARTY! Somehow the entire bar ended up at my pool at 3am, it was hilarious.(actually there is more to that story that will have to be better explained later).

So now we have Yankee boys at my pool, sitting with our feet in the water chit chattin and taking a break from the crowds. The boys stayed for a bit, we called them a cab so they could get back to their bachelor party and continue their night since it was only like 6pm.

I gave the one boy who lived in Iowa my email address, I figured that he needed a pen pal living in Iowa and all.


  1. Meredith Mathers ;)June 11, 2012 at 7:22 AM

    The irony here is that when you stood on the bar at Atkins and yelled "POOL PARTY", you were wearing a pink cowboy hat ;)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!! That is ironic! I tried to wear the same pink cowboy hat but it has seen better days!I bought me a new one that day!