Tuesday, June 12, 2012

day 251 pokemon

Why am I now waking up at 5am to blog? It doesn’t make any sense. I had all evening to do so, I had nothing to do and I chose to set the alarm instead. Oh, I know, I spent the evening trying to get the layout of my blog to look how it used to look, I need some IT assistance! I have tried 100 times and can’t figure it out. I hate rocket science.

My Iowan Ginger (he has red hair in case you missed that connotation) emailed me! Ha! I was shocked! He sent me an email at like 8am Monday morning! He said he had a great time with me and he couldn't stop thinking about me. Wow, nice, so we exchanged a few emails, I guess I now have a corn-fed ginger pen pal; hopefully it will provide some good material.

NOW, Meredith has been slowly pushing me to meet her musician friend who she knows from UGA and now lives in Nashville. She claims that he is funny, cute, and a musician who writes funny songs. She has put on the pressure lately seeing as my POF method literally went down in flames...again. I do get the whole concept of needing outside influences when it comes to my decision making process and that might be the biggest reason I say to Meredith, book it Dano!

I stalked him on Facebook and he is laughing a lot, so what the heck. I gave the green light and he has since poked me on Facebook. How very 3rd grade of him :) So I poked him back. What happens after you poke someone? Do we get to kick each other next?

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