Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 258 shower cap

If I were sitting around the Thanksgiving table and we were all sharing what we were thankful for and it had been the day after last night, I am pretty sure that I would of said that I was thankful for beer.
Last night was the concert, my fist bumper texted me to let me know he was here to pick me up. I walked out to the parking lot all kinds of confident in my cute dress from the Goodwill and my cowboy hat. He was just sitting in the car not opening the door for me or greeting me with any sort of hug. I let myself in the car and he is checking out coupons for Big Lots on his phone.

Ya know, I am not even gonna spend one more second on the fact that I wish I would of worn a shower cap on my head just to get some sort of reaction.

Here is the summary of the concert:

No name starter band was awesome! I need to figure out the name of the band so I can become instant fan. The Big Lots Saver Shopper bought me a beer the size of my head and I was thankful cause it gave is something to do during intermission. Gretchen Wilson was up next and she was AWESOME! She did not sing Redneck Woman but instead she sang a bunch of songs I never heard of and they were really really good. I am a born again fan.

Three Doors Down were ok and ZZ Top was exactly how I pictured. Two old guys jamming out on stage. I am glad I got to see them cause I feel fortunate to get to see a band who is two songs away from parking it in a museum. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the geriatrics rock out.

Long story short, I am glad I went but me and homeboy are on the fast track to Friendsville and that is fine with me. Did I mention that I have enough friends? NEXT!

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