Friday, June 8, 2012

dat 248 what is the question?

The stand-up bandit strikes again! Well I don't know if he technically stood me up since he called, but since he is the one that has established this pattern by technically standing me up, I am calling it a stand up on a technicality.
Whatever, I am over Tim; he cancelled yesterday because he had to play football. He was gonna get out of playing but I guess the team couldn't live without him. I was actually relieved, I was stone cold exhausted and it would have been the equivalent to going on a date with Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s.

Last Friday my date with Hank was ripped out from under me an hour prior to walking out the door. That is 2 Fridays in a row by two different guys if anyone is keeping track. Friday nights are turning into the low point of my week and that ain't right. Instead of going on a date, I went shopping at the dollar store and found myself standing in line with toilet paper and a plunger. That is not really how I pictured my Friday night.

So I have decided that I am not going to talk about the dates that I have on the books, because it just jinxes it. I refuse to tell you about the date that I have tonight. I am not going to tell you that I am finally meeting Hank for the first time. I will not say one word about the fact that after texting, talking and emailing for a couple of months I finally get to put a face with the name. My expectations are higher than they should be so I will spend the day tricking my mind to lower them to the ground.

Tonight is the THIRD Friday in a row I have had a date scheduled. WILL I or WON'T I get stood up? That is the question.

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