Thursday, June 14, 2012

day 253 spoons

Nashville meets the Baswell's.

We got up and I show my parents my favorite view of the city. Right down the street from my place is the walking bridge and we did just that, walked on the bridge and as predicted, my dad wants to move here. He always says that about every city he visits me in. Me and my mom had a bet on how long it would take for him to say that, my mom won with 10 minutes.

 We walked down Broadway in the morning before the Saturday tourist hit the streets. By this time my Mom had to sit down for a few minutes, she sat down on a bench at a bus stop and she heard what she thought was a bus. She jumped up so fast and darted to where me and my dad were standing. She didn't want to:  A. Trick the bus driver on thinking she wanted to get on the bus and B. Get forced to have to get on the bus because she was sitting on the bench. My dad and I got a good belly laugh out of it, it was hilarious especially since it was just a big truck with air brakes (pretty sure you had to be there).

The day was broken up into 3 parts:

The morning walk of downtown. We dropped my Mom off so she could rest for the Saturday night portion. During lunchtime, my dad and I walked around Broadway as the streets filled with people checking out the city. We scoped out places we wanted to bring my mom back to later. He really enjoyed the street performers. There is this one "band" that plays on the corner, the guy with the suitcase as his kick drum and the lady who play the spoons. My Dad was obsessed with this hippie lady playing the spoons; he just couldn’t get over her talent (it is actually amazing and one of a kind). I showed him how you can go in and out of every single bar on Broadway and listen to music in every single spot and are not forced to drink or buy anything; all you need to do is throw a dollar in the tip jar for the band you are in!

Ok I just realized I have to go into work early, so I have to continue this after work.....please stand by for like 8 or 9 hours….

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