Thursday, June 7, 2012

day 247 yeehaw! country fest!

I am just gonna welcome myself back now! It’s good to be back! I missed you all, hope everyone is doing well! J I have been on hiatus. My parents were town from Friday to Tuesday. Enough said.
We had a glorious time! We did so many fun things and really enjoyed each other's company. I am going to go into all that later. Last night I needed to decompress! Let the air out of my tires and chill! I arranged myself in a total Den of Zen and crashed hard. Love you Mom and Dad, but as you know, visitors of any kind can wear a girl out!

I need to first backtrack to a few things that lead up to this whirlwind extended remix parental weekend.

Tonight I am letting Tim take me out again. After we went out the last time we had fun, but after the date I really wasn’t feeling it. This guy is super-hot, really funny, has got a good job, tall, drives a truck, listens to country/rap and loves sports. That’s like my perfect list of stuff I like! I always said that I just need a guy to make me laugh and that would be enough, turns out it is not. During the 2 dates that we went on, it was a combined total of about 15 hours and somehow he managed to not ask me one single question about myself, not one! How is that possible? Wait! He did ask me one, when we were on the way home he asked me why I live where I live, he said it was off the beating path and he doesn’t even know how I even found it.  Ok, I don't think that I mentioned that he lives with his parents. He had a situation where he was leasing a house and the owner of the house let it go to foreclosure all the while letting him pay rent. So he is now staying with his parents looking for a new place and I have only made fun of him a little bit, not a lot.  After he asks me the one and only question, I turn to him and say "Well I was going to live with my parents, but they live in Georgia" He chuckled and called me an ass, jokingly of course.

So in my mind this guy has zero interest in getting to know me and that was a turn off. So I stopped talking to him. Earlier that week, he told me that hates the fact that I am busy dating other guys and I told him that he needs to focus on making me not want to date other guys. When I am with him the brutal honest side comes shining through and I just say whatever I want and don’t think twice. So me ignoring him..well it drove him CRAZY! 

He texted me at least once a day for the next few days and I just ignored it like I do any other guy I am trying to fade out. Now let’s be clear, if a girl texts a guy once a day after being ignored we are considered psychotic, if a guy does it, he is considered persistent. That is just the way it is and I have accepted it. This guy wasn't gonna settle for being ignored. He wanted to know why I stopped talking to him. I told him the truth of why I wasn't feeling it via text. He called me and left me this loooonnnnngggggg voicemail explaining that he does want to get to know me. That he didn't realize that he wasn't engaging like he should, that all he knew was, he was having fun with me and wanted another chance.

FINE 3rd times a charm. I guess persistence is going to be added to my list of stuff I like. Long story short, we are going out tonight. I insisted that we go romping around downtown for the CMA Country Fest! It’s in town and its 5 days of non-stop concerts and festivities and I must check this out! It started yesterday and the traffic is horrific so we are gonna give it our best shot. I figure that would be a fun date with plenty of distractions just in case it goes south, plus I wouldn’t  mind walking through the crowds holding hands with a tall strapping young fella (he’s 31). He better step it up! If it were me and someone called me out for not asking questions, I would show up with an obnoxious list of questions on actually paper. So we shall see!

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