Wednesday, June 13, 2012

day 252 Baswellesque

It’s time to describe the glorious weekend my parents were here. Friday, I pulled into my parking lot and there they were standing next to their camper that they dragged up here on the back of their car. It was a camper straight out of the 50s and my Dad had spent the pasts several months restoring it. The inside looked great; he put in new floors and ceilings, made a homemade table and several other Baswellesque homemade items. The table was made out of a sign that he has toted around since the Olympics were in town. It was a sign that says Parking $10 for the 1996 Olympics. It had a comfy bed and a cozy kitchen. He did a really a good job restoring it; he put in a toilet all by himself, which is not surprising him being a retired plumber and all. I was really impressed with his toilet installing skills. It must have taken forever to find that bucket and the time he took to pick just the right kitty litter for humans was well worth it. Yep, the bathroom was for emergencies only, just in case, for whatever reason, the outdoors was out of order and couldn't use it for a bathroom; we have an orange bucket with kitty litter. Bumpabunuh. Thanks to Sanford and Son, I will always know what beat to bop to in situations like these …..bumpabunah
After my tour, we went upstairs and my Mom and Dad were all excited to tell me about the 400 mile long garage sale in Indiana and the bed in breakfast they stayed in in Kentucky. They had a ball and the trunk full of antique nuts and bolts proved it to be a success!

This is the first time my mom has been on a trip since she got sick 3 years ago, so my Dad's mission was to make it extra special. She is off of Chemo for at least 6 weeks and they aren’t gonna waste a minute! They had never been to a bed and breakfast together and it was a total surprise, aaaaawww good job Dad!

Ok this is gonna be a 3 parter because Saturday was a 3 parter as we ventured into downtown.

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