Saturday, June 9, 2012

day 249 music city bound

I almost got stood up but I persevered! I did not sit at home for the 3rd Friday in a row. His car had to be put in the shop so it was a huge possibility. He was gonna have to pick me up in his mother's minivan with her "I love hand bells" bumper sticker on the back. Hahahaha, needless to say I volunteered to make the 30 minute drive to Murfreesboro and pick him up for some Sushi.
We had a nice time, he looked a bit different than his pics but wasn't gonna hold that against him since he made me laugh. He let me do all the talking which was a nice change of pace. He gave me all kinds of compliments, which was another nice change of pace. Here comes the moment of my inner struggle, do I spit out the truth about my observations of him knowing that he may stumble upon my blog? Or do I keep my mouth shut cause I know I am going to see him again? I guess I will keep the fact that he has a fruity undertone to his voice similar to the Fem Soldier to myself. Why is this a common occurrence in TN? He is an only child and a huge Momma's boy, maybe that’s the reason…red flag? Not sure yet. We have plans to go to the ZZ Top concert so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Now I must get ready for a day of CMA Fest and pool with Kelly. Gonna walk downtown just to say we were there and then going jump in the pool. That is the plan anyway, we’ll see what actually happens, who knows!

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