Sunday, June 17, 2012

I love you like a daughter do!

Well I’m pretty sure the topic of discussion today will be revolving around my very own dad, The Great Jerry Baswell. The one of a kind biker Dad who's mission in life is to live it as simply as possible. My dear ol Dad has taught me how to enjoy life no matter what obstacles are thrown in my path.
Growing up we didn't have a lot of money and I seriously did not even realize it! I thought everyone Dad made their TV stands out of PVC pipes and used crates as chairs to sit around the dinner table, AKA folding card table. How could I possibly know we were borderline poor when we had everything we needed, an opportunity to enjoy the little things.

My dad always made sure that I never missed a softball season, that I had whatever I needed to attend dance class, always had Christmas presents for us to open and we never missed a meal. I guess he knows what’s important, a softball glove rather than and a couch that actually came from a store. He’s always just figured it out by creatively using his resources. I mean no one would ever have imagined that my Mom’s beautifully upgraded wedding ring is made purely out of the gold fillings the dentist took out of his own mouth!

Him always being there for my brother and I will always be the way I remember my childhood. Coaching my softball team, showing up at my ballet reticles with a proud grin on his face was his priority. Having enough patience to teach me how to drive a stick without killing me was quite an accomplishment. All the years of picking me up from these activities in beater cars and embarrassing the crap out of me when they would back fire never mattered cause we were happy!

Dad, you taught me how to make a dollar out of 15 cents and that has really come in handy! I will never forget the 3 day trip in a black air conditionless van in the middle of July from Arizona to Georgia. All we had was a few boxes, a suitcase, and a bird. You wanted a fresh start for your family and you and Mom built a life for us there out of nothing. You’re the reason I know how to make a way out of no way, it’s not an easy thing for most people, but for me, its second nature.

The way you make our lives better can’t be described with words. Every action you’ve ever done has been out of love and selflessness.

I thank you for being resourceful, creative, loving, wonderfully weird and most of all happy.

Please know that my life had been amazing thus far and I am giving you most of the credit.

Big props to my POPS! I love you like a daughter do!

Happy Father’s Day!

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