Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Experiment

Yesterday was interesting. I felt like we were being set up for some kind of experiment. Like there was a panel of people watching us from the other side of the wall to see four polar opposite girls operate in close quarters with little to no air.  They literally quarantined us from the office. They put plastic on all three openings and put a portable blower thing in this room. It was still hot as crap cause everyone kept coming in and out of the plastic door and letting our air escape, even though we put a "no boy's allowed" sign up. Today, I am gonna have to upgrade the sign to DO NOT F’ING ENTER UNLESS THE BUILDING IS ON FIRE OR YOU HAVE GATORADE!!

It was 82 degrees in this office, I was 101 in the rest of the building and we kind of bonded in there. The boys had a pool going with times of when they thought each girl would have a meltdown, shockingly no one did!

I like the new girl, we had a good time sitting next to each other all day, and I felt like it was a perfect time to ask if her boobs were real. I had to, they are ginormous and she’s is this little 80lbs 5 foot nothing girl and I needed to know. They’re not. Aflac hooked her up with a bunch of money when she was really sick and she treated herself to two boulders.

We have one day of sweaty bonding and getting nothing done.

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