Saturday, October 1, 2011

day 67 back in Manchester

Just to Brandy's, I have been on the road all week, so its nice to chill for a moment. Working around the clock and is down right exhausting. We played 20 questions all day at work, that should explain how busy we were. I am done with this place, I do way too much standing around for it to be worth my while. I am excited to get to a place with some atmosphere. Mike D and I are heading to Margaritaville and I am pumped .Allie made over $300 yesterday. We all give each other massages at work and it was my turn, so I was rubbing Mike D's shoulders and he turned to me and said "I would never sleep with your cousin" and that just warmed my heart. He calls me his boo. But we are just goofing around, he is my buddy, nothing more.

today I was eating my lunch with some folks and Kathleen comes storming in, Stephanie did you leave the empty coffee pot on the burner without any coffee in it? I was like why are you assuming it was me?? Cause you do stupid stuff all the time and its smells like you. (she was laughing when she said it) So I got all offended. Ok well it was me, so what, I forgot, so sue me :) But I never admitted it. Oh good Margaritaville just called I have orientation on Tuesday!! yay!

I really hope I get this job with the restoration company, I am ready for a big girl job. I am ready to have my weekends back and watch some football. Today I am watched the Dawgs beat up on Miss St. in silence, no one cares about the Dawgs at work and the sound is not even on...booo!!

BTW, what happened to the Braves?? They just collapsed!

I am so tired, hopefully my juices will be flowing tomorrow cause that is all I got for now. I am waiting on Brandy to get from dinner with family...

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