Tuesday, October 18, 2011

day 80...rain rain go away

I am supposed to me in Atlanta, but its storming so I am gonna stay at Brandys tonight and go have breakfast with mi madre and padre..yay!!! Haven't seen them in 3 months! Then I get to go to court booooo! I get to drive all the way to Atlanta for running a cross walk 6 months ago and drive all the way back, I get to go explain to the judge that my license should of never been suspended because I paid my ticket! Sure I missed my court date by two day but I paid $300 for that mess and they suspended my license anyway, dirtbags! This is such a pain in the hoo haw! Hopefully it will all end well tomorrow and I can go about my crazy lifestyle. We shall see. I told my boss about my drug test and he didn't seem too worried about it but he will check into it and get back to me and that was it. He mentioned that I am getting a new computer soon so apparently he is not thinking he is gonna force me out of my job just cause I like a little codeine from time to time....just kidding. Okay that's all, I must got to bed, got an all day driving adventure I must rest up for...wish me luck!! Oh did I mention that I found $40 in my jacket pocket the other day, that will go toward my court fines...not food, not gas...court fines...I am such an accidental trouble maker....wonder what my back ground check looked like when I got this job....hhhhhmmmm....:)

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