Wednesday, October 12, 2011

day 75 Dug

Ok, I have gotten several texts about the spelling of Dugs name...I think that its hilarious that's that is what inquiring minds want answers on. I saw Doug's name pop up on Justins phone one time and I just got so tickled that it was spelled Dug, I told Brandy and we laughed, we don't know if that's how he thinks its spelled because he is so country or what, but it stuck and that's how we spell it, so that's the story. 

Anyway, today was good, I am really liking it there. I feel so comfortable, its so crazy how different it is than when I worked at my last restoration gig with my devil boss. Its so refreshing to be in a professional environment, no one is yelling or cussing or making disgusting comments or watching me walk when I get up from my chair or commenting on my chest or telling me to shut the F up, I really will never take for granted how people with a conscience act. That said, I am just taking it all in and I am very happy with the fact that I actually know whats going on and can be helpful right off the bat. The two project managers that I share an office with are both great and funny smartasses so that helps, and we are already bustin each others chops.
The only spaswell thing I did today was while I was walking next to my boss down the hall, I was reading a document and forgot that there is one huge step down, so I sorta stumbled down this step, but I got my composure pretty quickly and everything was fine.

I had a nice lunch in the park down the street. I got some taco bell, went to Centennial Park and sat on the picnic bench. It was gorgeous outside, this pile of McDonald's french fries were on the ground, so this squirrel sat next to me and ate the fries while I mowed down a bean burrito all whlle a couple of Blue Jays flew in and out of the tree. I was quite lovely.

My new plan is Operation "not get fat". Now that I am not running around all day, instead sitting in the office with donuts and desserts coming into the office waiting for me in the kitchen, I am gonna have to really watch it.

Ok that is enough for now.....until next time....

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