Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 72 lazy sunday

Ok came face to face with the guy I tried to drown. Yes, me and Brandy hung out with Justin and Dug yesterday. He apparently has forgiven me and we are all friends again. The foursome is back! We had so much fun on the farm. We didn't sit still for one second. If we werent riding on the gator and/or golf cart, we were hanging by a huge fire on Justin's property, or playing darts, or cooking chili dogs or playing charades. The country simpletons have never played charades EVER so it was quite an interesting event to say the least. We all wrote something on little pieces of paper, had to draw a piece of paper and act it out, one of mine was the movie "Tombstone" and Justin drew it BUT he thought it said TomTumb, so we spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out why Justin was making sounds like a Donkey (cause his Mule's name is Tom)but had a good laugh when we figured out what was going on. We met Justin's new baby mule and got a tour of his new property. He is now a homeowner on 5 acres, not to shabby of a trade off for having your house burn down when he was in Atlanta visiting me. Yep his house burnt down to the ground while he was away (electrical fire) and got an awesome fully furnished house out of it. Right before we left, Justin wanted us to see his "beach" he said he had beach front property in Tennessee, which turned out to be a picnic table in front of a creek layered with green gunk, ha, Brandy almost took a tumble in this small body of water. She and Dug were straddling the bench facing each other as we all talked, and Dug got up, Brandy shifted her weight and the end of the bench came flying up, it almost hit Brandy in the face and she almost tumbled backward into the creek, it was hilarious. She caught herself, but her face was priceless

 So all in all, we had a good time and it was perfect weather. So now I am trying to relax but I really need to get ready for tomorrow. My first day of work. YAY

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