Thursday, October 20, 2011

day 82 victory!

First and foremost, we caught the mouse! He was in the closet stuck to the sticky trap....Brandy found him after I left for work. She said she pulled it off of the trap (he was still alive) and it bit her! Then she placed his sticky butt under a leaf hoping he would be fine. She really didn't want to kill the little guy. The last time Brandy tried to save an animal, it was a chipmunk, and it bit her as well, that was about 12 years ago and at that time she bashed its head in with a rock. So I think its safe to say that Brandy has come a long way....although, she may want to update her shots asap.

2nd, Brandy texted me while I was at work...".Hey girl, if you are looking for your bra, I found it in the driveway" lol, I knew I forgot something....
I am gonna have to talk about Brandy a little longer, for the past 2 days, she has been texting this boy non-stop, like all day and all night... she just sits over in her chair all gooned up, smiling from ear to ear the whole time, its crazy. She went on one date with this guy almost a year ago and it never went anywhere and now they are talking again. Brandy has like blue birds on her shoulder, she is almost skipping instead of walking over this guy. Brandy is usually like what you see is what you get and tough if you don't like it but not for this guy....
 For example, he asked her out for Saturday night and he would like for her to wear a skirt or a dress. Ok well, Brandy does not own a skirt or a dress. She doesn't wear skirts or dresses, she wore a bowling shirt to our Sorority commencement ceremony for crying out loud. So guess what, she went out shopping today for a dress!!! She texted me a pic from the dressing room for my approval. Next, she got a spray tan!!! The same girl who gives me crap about having a tan during winter, got a spray tan today. Finally, she got her nails done, well that's not abnormal but still. Who is this girl and what has she done with my friend?! Brandy said if he stands her up he will be getting an invoice. Go girl, do your thing, be a girl, why the hell not.

At work today, they gave me a wireless ear piece for the phone, OMG, I feel like a badass when I have this thing on. I am strutting around my office and down the hall talking on it like I am a lawyer or something, I act like I am hot stuff and I love it. I feel so comfortable at work, I am totally myself and actually make things happen. I was feeling all cool with my ear piece in until I forgot I had it in and picked up the phone to call someone in one ear and the ear piece was in the other, of course Fred was looking right at me when I did this...I can't get away with anything....he had a little chuckle. 

I would like to give a shout out to my Uncle Jim, I just got off the phone with him. (my dads bother) He just started reading my blog and says that I have the Baswell DNA, the Gypsy gene, my Granny had it, my dad has it, he has it and I have it. This is true, none of us can sit still, thanks guys. We have an appointment tomorrow at lunch to talk on the phone more, he said it is about time he gets to know his niece. We haven't exactly kept in touch like family should, so that stops right now.

Ok well, I  am gonna go out to my car and figure out what I am gonna wear tomorrow.....

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