Monday, April 2, 2012

day 203 hanging up socks

I keep forgetting to bust my Mom's chops a little. Her sweet little self, folded a huge pile of clean clothes while I was at work when she was here. I crack up every time I go into my closet, my old T-shirts are hung up, my comfy pants are on a hanger, my workout clothes are carefully hung like a 3-piece suit. Every time I can't find something, I know it’s hanging in the closet, but why stop there…let’s get some socks on a hanger! (Thanks Mommy :)
I have turned up the sarcasm via text...I think I need to reel it in a bit, just a tad, otherwise my name might be Red Flag in his phone. He has agreed to come help me investigate the people on the ceiling, they are getting worse, it sounds like a couple of Clydesdales getting restless in their stalls. If we can find an access panel he is gonna go up there with his night vision goggles and if not, I told him that I have a drill if he has a periscope. We are going to get to the bottom of this one way or another. It will be a team building exercise.

Well I am crashing out, watching the Voice, drinking Hyssop and Valerian tea; it’s relaxing, all I need now is an afghan and some slippers.

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