Monday, April 9, 2012

day 207 la-la-la-la---no!

Ok so the weekend in a nutshell:

Friday: Broadway, fun fun fun! I am digging the 2nd Fiddle! Chris decided we needed one last night on Broadway before we took a hiatus. Kelly, her roomie and the new couple from Philly made an appearance; we all had a blast.

Saturday: went hiking, awesome weather and good conversation while taking in some waterfalls. Then off to burn some trees at Brandy’s, we smoked two enormous Bradford Pears and I have the cuts and scrapes to show for it.

Sunday, laid on the couch all day, I was tired, no Easter celebration, just relaxation. I ate some M&Ms today to make up for no Easter baskets.

While we were hanging by the fire, the neighbors came over and pawned a dog on us. We saw this dog earlier in the night; he looked a lot like my Jake. Black half Lab/half Pit, but a large puppy, sooooo cute, so awesome and trained! The neighbors tell us we all have to take this dog in as a team, otherwise he was gonna get hit by a car. Um Um Um OK.  BUT he had a tag on with a name and number. We call the number and no one answered, so we texted the person and no answer. They finally text us back and said um it was too far for them to drive to come get him. WHAT?? Are you kidding me? My dog was once lost for 8 days and I would have doggie paddled across the Pacific to get him. So we all made a decision to adopt this dog. 1/3 of the time at my apartment, 1/3 at Brandy’s, 1/3 at the neighbors and then Chris stepped up as the uncle. The dog spent the night in Brandy’s room; he was such a good boy. The plan was for me to take him on Wednesday until Brandy put her fence in for the pool. In the meantime, she went and bought him treats, an electric collar, food etc. (she didn’t even want him, she is just that nice). I called her after spending all day Sunday  mentally preparing to take him, I told her to call the owners one last time just to see and they finally answered.L. They came and got him… oh and they live 4 houses down!! WTF! I am still confused. His name was Buford, so I was calling him Buford Highway and I really really wanted him, dangit! Oh well, not meant to be.

So now I am fighting off the fact that Chris is a potential stage 3 clinger. He is all about hanging out with me, I like him, but I need moderation! I am not instant-rebound-step-mom-material...he wanted to see me again tonight after WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY. I declined his offer tonight ,but accepted tomorrow, I don't know, whatever, if I hear him sing one note in my honor…. it’s over!

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