Thursday, April 5, 2012

day 205 been workin so hard, I'm punchin my card....

Another fun date with Red Flag, actually his name is Chris, but he is still in my phone as LOL, cause he is the ultimate LOL repeat offender. The boy loves to throw out lols in almost every text! I would call him out on it, but I already give him a hard time on everything else, so for now I am letting it slide. He loved my soft tacos, we had a nice dinner sitting on pillows and eating at the coffee table.
Then, you'll never guess where we went…. we got crazy and went to Broadway...again! Apparently we can't get enough country music, one day we are gonna have to venture out to other parts of Nashville, but for now we are claiming our stompin grounds, I mean street.  I found myself in the exact scene from Footloose last night, it was awesome. We are at the 2nd Fiddle and the band starts playing the theme from Footloose. We were in the scene where they drove 2 hours away to dance at a country bar and I was Sarah Jessica Parker who is with her man, who doesn’t like to dance. The band started playing and everyone gets up and starts dancing, I was sitting there slappin my knees, chompin at the bit, wanting to go dance with some strangers. Chris looks me, I jumped up outta my chair, kissed him on the cheek (just like in the movie) ran up to the dance floor and busted out the moves from the movie and acted like I was dancing next to Kevin Bacon. If I had worn a bandana around my neck it woulda been perfect! Gotta love an impromptu opportunity to reenact a classic!

Next date is already on the books, we are going hiking Saturday (this time I actually know the guy and won’t worry about being kidnapped, never to be heard from again like the great idea I once had to go on a blind date in the mountains).

After hiking we are heading to Brandy’s to burns a couple of trees, last bon fire before the pool. I told Brandy that he could do the heavy lifting and they could discuss the joys of adultery (which is what ended both of their marriages). So me, him and her are gonna hang in the country while I get the tell all, be all opinion of the top dog in my advisory panel on Red Flag LOL Chris.

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